Lana Alana kicks off #art4peace

The festival might not have launched just yet, but illustrator Lana Alana got our #art4peace campaign off to a colourful start this week by producing a dazzling Talking Peace display at the windows around Hoxton Square in East London.

Over two days Lana transformed the four panels into a bright and bold spectacle of speech bubbles. It has set the scene perfectly for our launch party on Monday 8 September – which takes place just across the square at Shoreditch Village Hall.

The speech bubbles contain quotes that inspire and amuse in equal measure. Playing on the theme of dialogue, the focus of the festival, they revolve around the power of words – and talking – to bring people together.

Lana was assisted by young designer Aidan Gooding Donoghue in completing the piece. The Hoxton Window Project is hosted and curated by UNIT9, who have pledged to display interesting pieces by different artists all year round.

Lana’s work will remain up for the whole of September, so head to Hoxton Square to check it out and start #talkingpeace

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