A volunteer’s-eye view of the festival

Jo Robinson tells us how the festival has been for her so far.

I volunteered at a number of events at the Talking Peace Festival: #peacehack, Conflict Kitchen London (Peru week) and the opening night of the Amahoro Generation photography exhibition.

As an intern at International Alert, I haven’t been with the organisation for long, so for me it was a great way to find out more about our work in different parts of the world and meet people from other teams who I wouldn’t usually be working with.

There was a fantastic turnout at the Amahoro Generation exhibition and real enthusiasm and interest for Carol Allen-Storey’s beautiful photographs.

The #peacehack was a huge success – I couldn’t believe what the developers came up with in such a short space of time!

I have to say though, Conflict Kitchen London was my favourite. People struck up interesting discussions about Peru and many knew very little about the context, so it was clear they were really learning something from the whole experience. It was a great way to demonstrate that Alert works in far more than just the obvious places people think of when we talk about war and conflict. And of course, the food was incredible!

Volunteering has been an all-round brilliant experience. Bring on next year!

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