Artists speak out against war

More than 25 artists have taken part in the #ART4PEACE campaign, launched in London earlier this month as part of the Talking Peace Festival.

Street art, paintings and interactive sculptures created or donated for the campaign are on display at Hoxton Gallery (12 noon–8pm daily; late opening on Thursday 2 October).

The effects of war, the root causes of conflict and ideas about peace and what it means are just a few of the themes explored in the campaign.

Pure Evil_art4peace_final

Artworks available in the auction include locally and internationally produced works, from Pure Evil’s canvas ‘Impossible is possible’ to Yoko Ono’s interactive sculpture ‘Colours of the globe’ (pictured below).

Yoko Ono said: “Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world. Just start talking peace and the message will spread quicker than you think.”

Yoko Ono_#art4peace_Colours of the Globe

International Alert’s Secretary General Dan Smith said: “The approaches these artists have taken are fresh and challenging. It has been fascinating to compare their works, which have equally inspired and provoked.”

The exhibition at Hoxton Gallery runs until Friday 3 October. The artworks will be publicly auctioned on the finalday from 7pm. Potential buyers outside London can already start bidding online:

For details, please contact:

All proceeds will go towards funding the work of International Alert, which is working on finding peaceful resolutions to conflict in more than 25 countries.

As influential street artist Victor Ash said: “The best way art can contribute to avoiding conflicts is to be pro-peace rather than anti-war.”

Victor Ash_#art4peace

Images (from top to bottom): ‘Battle wings’ by Andrea Tyrimos; ‘Impossible is possible’ by Pure Evil; ‘Colours of the globe’ by Yoko Ono; ‘Wolf and tank’ by Victor Ash.

Artists in the auction are:

Yoko Ono, 616, Adrián Morales Rodríguez, Andrea Tyrimos, Artista, Benjamin Murphy, Carolina Maggio, Dan Kitchener, Francesca Love Artist, Ibrahim Fakhri, Jim McElvaney, Josh Jeavons, KEF!, Lana Alana, Magnus Gjoen, Mr Dane, Mr Shiz, Pang, Pure Evil, Suzko, Tarek Tuma, Victor Ash and Zina.