Can an app stop a bullet?

Can social media stop a war? Help us find out by joining our #peacehack on 20–21 September, to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

The event, which is due to run non-stop for 36 hours, will bring peacebuilders, coders and designers together to work on ideas for peacebuilding, being solved or made easier by technology.

Some of the ideas so far include:

  • First-person shooter … without Guns (War Photographer?)
  • Non-Angry Birds (game for kids)
  • Farmville > Peaceville
  • How to fall in love with your enemy (celebrating common causes rather than points of difference)
  • Informal peace-monitoring (for social media)
  • De-weaponising the internet (kittens vs. guns)
  • My Mobile Peacebuilder (piggybacking on existing tech)
  • Visualising the world not at war (better representation of peace data)
  • Eyes Full of Darkness (reversing the negative news trend)
  • Everyday peace actions (how things we do positively/negatively connect to the rest of the world)
  • The Library of Non-Violence/The Virtual Peacebuilding Building
  • The Bleeding Edge (using Google Maps to identify the dividing line in conflict zones)
  • The Military Expenditure Databank (the real cost of war)
  • Listening Peace (capturing all the good things people say every day)
  • Peacebuilding Lego (it takes time …)
  • Conflicted (trying to understand what it means to be living in a conflict zone)

To read more, and to reserve your free ticket to take part (be quick, as they’re running low), please visit our Eventbrite page here and tweet using the hashtag #peacehack

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg, Creative Commons

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