Doing politics differently in Lebanon

In Lebanon we support dialogue between youth leaders from 14 of the country’s political parties.

Last year we organised a study trip for a group of youth leaders to Switzerland to learn about mechanisms for power-sharing and conflict resolution, and provided them with training in negotiation.

We also held eight dialogue sessions on issues including national defence and managing oil and gas resources in the country.

You can watch our Politics of Peace video here.

The importance of our work


“I never cared to listen to the other side; I never wanted to hear the opinion of the other side and I always dismissed them. Now I can see their point of view; now I can listen until they finish their argument and I can happily sit down with them to talk.”
– Dialogue participant

cooperation“Yesterday a conflict erupted between our group and another political party … I was able to easily pick up the phone to my dialogue partner to resolve the issue and to calm the situation.”
– Dialogue participant

perseveranceThis is a unique project; it is the only one of its kind and has allowed us to continue the dialogue with all the political parties in spite of the political deadlock in the country.”
– Dialogue participant

Find out more about our work in our Annual Report 2013.