Engaging the diaspora in reconciliation in Sri Lanka

We help diasporas support peace and reconciliation in their countries of origin or heritage and the countries where they live.

In the past, we have organised visits by British Sri Lankans to Sri Lanka and by Sri Lankan MPs to the UK, to promote the positive role that diasporas can play in peacebuilding.

In 2013 we commissioned the Diaspora Diaries, a series of documentaries telling the personal stories of members of the Sri Lankan diaspora. You can watch Diaspora Diaries here.

The importance of our work


“We have met with significant resistance to what we’re trying to do, which is simply to get people in a room together and talk about the conflict, about their own identities as Sri Lankans…” – Nikini



“We did have differing perspectives but all were respected and no one laid judgement on someone else.”
– Akneeswaran ‘Akee’



“Sri Lankans who are living abroad … see the positive aspects of multiculturalism … These are the lessons we need to bring back as expats.”
– Amjad

Find out more about our work in our Annual Report 2013.