Conflict Kitchen London is opening a pop-up restaurant in Hoxton Square this September, serving mouth-wateringly delicious food from countries around the world that have experienced violence and conflict. Each week the kitchen will be taken over by a different cuisine, with a group of talented female chefs sharing the finest flavours of Burma (Myanmar), Jordan and Peru.

The highly acclaimed No Pressure To Be Funny presents an International Alert special. Alert’s Secretary General Dan Smith will join a panel chaired by LBC Radio’s James O’Brien to discuss peace and conflict, with the emphasis on the topical as much as the comical.

International Alert is pleased to invite you to attend the eleventh in a series of Peace Talks: CRIME, GANGS AND THE CHANGING FACES OF CONFLICT Building peace means addressing the sources of civil and political unrest, whether in Ukraine, DRC or Northern Ireland. It also means dealing with the criminal networks that flourish in conflict’s […]