Finding common ground in the Caucasus

In the Caucasus we encourage greater collaboration between societies across the Nagorny Karabakh conflict divide.

In the past we have organised study programmes for journalists to Bosnia and Herzegovina and for experts to Northern Ireland, from which they shared insights in the media and at events across the region. We also trained journalists on media ethics and provided opportunities for them to build professional contacts across the conflict divide.

The importance of our work

caucasusSeeing it from “the other side”

In 2013, International Alert organised various study programmes and training for Armenian and Azeri journalists. These are some of their reflections and insights.

“War can change nothing and give nothing. All sides suffer the same tragedy, the loss of people.”
– Online journalist, Bosnia study trip

Common ground

“I have realised that there is a lot in common between us and that there is a chance that at some point we will be able to interact again as good neighbours.”
– Online journalist, Training course

Heart of the peace process

“An exploration of the Northern Ireland conflict … allows a number of principles to be identified which must lie at the heart of a peace process if it is to have any chance of success.”
– Expert participant, Northern Ireland study programme