Healing fractured lives in Rwanda

In Rwanda we help to address the social, psychological and economic impacts of the 1994 genocide.

In 2013 we ran dialogue clubs in 34 communities and 17 schools. We started 19 new trauma counselling groups, bringing the total to 54, and provided support to over 600 new people. And our local partner provided refresher training for trainers on how to create and manage cooperatives.

You can watch our Fractured Lives video here.

The importance of our work


“[The dialogue club] taught me how to approach survivors and ask their forgiveness. This has given me the dignity I lost when I was in jail.”
– Aloys, perpetrator

“I joined the dialogue club to find solace. The trauma counselling was especially helpful. The training helped me realise there is no future for peace unless I can live in peace with my neighbours, even if they participated in my attack during the war.”
– Patricia, Tutsi survivor


“This pineapple plantation brings together survivors, ex-prisoners and ex-combatants. We work side by side for the common good.”
– Alexis, ex-prisoner

Find out more about our work in our Annual Report 2013.