“If you want peace, make art”

Talented artists have launched our #art4peace campaign with live painting sessions in Old Street station in East London.

The campaign kicked off on Monday 8 September with Charley Uzzell Edwards (aka Pure Evil) spray-painting a graffiti stencil of South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, followed by artist Dan Kitchener (DANK), who created a vibrant ‘Still Life’ piece.

Pure Evil (pictured below) said: “I believe in peace and I believe art can help to bring about a paradigm shift in people’s thinking. If you want peace, make art. Change people’s point of view and you can change a vote; change a vote and you can change the world. Picasso understood this and his Guernica paintings is one of the greatest anti-war statements ever made.”

Pure Evil art4peace

DANK (pictured below) said: “Positive imagery, bright colourful, vibrant pictures can spread a positive vibe – it can play a great way of helping you get your message across. This piece is called ‘Still Life’. I thought it was fitting for the campaign as for me it’s about a state of stillness, utter calm and tranquility. It’s capturing a moment of stillness in time. It’s taking the idea of peace and seeing it as a moment in time; a state of mind.”

Dan Kitchener art4peace

The campaign will go on until the end of the month, with an exhibition and sale at Hoxton Gallery on 3 October (details coming soon).

You find out more about the campaign and the artists taking part at www.talkingpeacefestival.org/art4peace