Rwanda 20/20

20 Years after the Genocide: A portrait of yesterday, today and tomorrow through the eyes of Rwandan youth

On 7th April 2014, Rwanda commemorated 20 years since the genocide that claimed the lives of an estimated 1,000,000 people, mostly Tutsi, in a space of 100 days. Despite the huge loss of lives, the country has moved on and Rwandans everywhere are busy rebuilding their lives.

Little is known as to the perspectives of young Rwandans, particularly those who have grown up in the shadow of the genocide. Their futures have in most cases been driven by the particular narratives to which they have been exposed, in some cases with past prejudices being passed on directly from the old to the young generation.

As the country reflects on two decades of its tragic history, International Alert is documenting the perspectives of Rwandan young people (with special emphasis on those born around the year of the genocide), recording their perceptions on growing up in post-genocide Rwanda and specifically bringing to the fore their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Award-winning photojournalist Carol-Allen Storey is currently in Rwanda collecting the stories and testimonies that will make up this exhibition.

International Alert has been working in Rwanda since 1995 to support the peaceful reintegration and reconciliation of genocide survivors, perpetrators and ex-combatants. We bring together the groups most affected by the 1994 genocide and its consequences: survivors, ex-prisoners, ex-combatants and young people, to build trust and understanding between them.

Dialogue clubs, trauma counselling and micro-finance schemes enable them to identify common ground for cooperation and co-existence, and to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully. Find out more here.
20/20/20 will build on this work and on the powerful 2012 exhibition ‘Fractured Lives’, by the same photojournalist, Carol Allen-Storey.
You can see the photos here and a short film here.

The 20/20/20 exhibition will be part of the ‘Talking Peace Festival’ series of events in September-October 2014, designed to promote the idea peace through culture and creativity.