What’s food got to do with peace?

Food can be a powerful metaphor for peace. After all, it appeals to everyone, regardless of their background or ideology. Like art or music, food is a universal language that brings people together. That’s why the practice of ‘breaking bread’ is a tradition as old as society itself.

Making and sharing meals is therefore a great way to promote cultural understanding and peaceful co-existence. Not only does it give people the chance to share and explore different types of cuisine, but it also offers an opportunity to explore histories and identities, differences and commonalities. It can introduce us to new cultures and facilitate conversation.

The creation and sharing of food might then offer an interesting opportunity for getting people to think and talk about complex issues. Issues of conflict and peace.

We’re going to put this idea to the test, with Conflict Kitchen London. Inspired by a US phenomenon of the same name – a take-out restaurant that serves food from countries America is in conflict with – Conflict Kitchen London aims to combine great food with illuminating conversations about peace, stimulating curiosity about countries and people affected by conflict, as well as their histories, cultures and traditions.

Once guests arrive, we’ll present them with information that is more than the food itself, and engage them in a conversation where they can share different viewpoints and perspectives.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get people talking about peace.

Find out more about Conflict Kitchen London here.

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